Violently Happy

With death, comes rebirth

I want everyone to know that I hate this “white privilege” movement, because it is degrading to my non white peers.

YOU have a voice that can’t be silenced. YOU have the potential to do what you’re passionate about. YOU have the strength to stand higher social structure.

I have always seen more culture & beauty in the non white races. Don’t ever depend on a white person to stand up for you. Don’t ponder the thought that they have more than you. Be the change you wish to see in this world. Prove that the racial slurs have no effect on your life. Use their ignorance as your motivation.

From a white person, with love, to you x

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    ^^^^^ This white person gets it, but don’t forgot to also listen when POCs talk about how racism affects their lives and...
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    Also a whole lot of “don’t let our hurtful behaviour hurt you, be the “noble” one in all this and rise above it all bc...
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    Um. If you think you have any idea what it’s like to be a PoC….
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    liz, i love you. i really, really fucking love you.
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    Oh my god could you not. First off, PoC don’t need us to tell them shit about themselves. Second, it is not “degrading”...
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    White people, please don’t speak for us. Any PoC can speak for me better than you ever can. And please don’t talk about...
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    Oh for fucks sake. Somebody come collect this piece of shit.
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    Yeah, I’ll just take my exotic culture and magically eradicate systemic poverty, racism, and sexism. I guess I didn’t...
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    Oh greeeeat and powerful white person! STFU. And by the by, understanding white privilege is YOUR job as a white person.
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